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NOTICE!!! If faculty members wish to sign up for fingerprinting, they should feel free to do so. Do, however, save all paperwork and receipts! Here is a notice from Lois regarding fingerprinting locations: click here!

Also, click here for the flyer to the MTA's forum on Reclaiming Education to be held in Auburn on Thursday, Sept 25th.

And click here for a message from our new MTA president, Barbara Madeloni about upcoming local and regional forums.

Read on for a message from our favorite MTA rep, Lois Mason!
Well, it is that time again.  MTA is trying to help PRO Education candidates get elected.  We ask asking members to participate in phone banking for the governor’s race and in some places for Senate and Representative seats.

We will be running the phone banks from our office beginning Sept 17th.  They will run Mon- Thurs ( excluding Sept 25th and Columbus day) from 4 Pm –approximately  8PM in our office.  I am the coordinator on Sept 24th, Oct 1th and Oct 9th.

We also have cell phones available if you want to run a local phone bank from someone’s home or your local  Association office.

Your Pal would hopefully recruit your members and determine the best way to participate.  We only need a minimum of 4-8 people from each  local.  IF you can get more, great.  MTA will provide food at our office phone banks and pay for pizza or sandwiches if you hold it off site. 

THANKS for all you do!!